Our Story, Mission, and Future

Our Story

Growing up in a small town in southern Minnesota, our family didn't have a lot. To fill in any financial gaps, my father did woodworking to create anything our family needed, from tables and chairs to cabinets. Meanwhile, instead of going out to eat, my mom would cook and bake from whatever our garden and berry patches would give us. They did this not only because they loved their family, but also enjoyed working with their hands and creating. 

After my long path through educational leadership led me to nothing but closed doors and heartache, a family walk one night led to an idea and eventually, our company. I pulled a wooden pallet out of a neighbor's dumpster and decided to make something out of it. With just a jigsaw and a drill, I made our first Minnesota sign. After the first few sold online, we began receiving hundreds of orders, including nearly every state and even a few countries. Feeling blessed by what we were given, we gave back, supporting an urban preschool at our church. The additional sales also led to improved equipment and additional creative possibilities. 

Simultaneously, I ordered my first package of honeybees and that spring, tried tapping the maple trees in our yard. I was beginning to see just what my parents had, so many years before; when your hobbies can provide for your family, you won't feel like it's work.

Our Mission

Our mission at Bees and Trees MN is to create beloved products with what we receive from nature, while using our resources to support those in our community that are working to give the same love my parents gave us.

Our honeys and syrups are made using practices that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our wooden games and kitchenware are handcrafted and made to our high standards so when you give or receive one, they are cherished and last a lifetime.

When you buy from Bees and Trees, the money stays in Shoreview, working to help the local bee population thrive and supporting community partners. We feel like our profit is a tool to be used wisely, which includes blessing those in need in our community.

Our Future

We are a family-run small business that started with one pallet, a few tools and an idea. We've grown from one hive our first year to ten in our third; from a workshop of 60 sq. feet to one that is just over 120.  As our company grows, we hope our kids and community feel the same love and joy that my parents passed on to my so many years ago.