Bees + Trees MN

Our mission at Bees and Trees MN is to wisely use what nature gives us. Our honeys and syrups are made using practices that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. For our wooden signs, our main source of wood is through recycling pallets that which we take apart by hand. Even the parts of the pallet we can't use are burned in the spring to boil our maple syrup. 

When you buy from Bees and Trees, the money stays in Shoreview, working to help the local bee population thrive, educating our community on the importance of pollinators, and supporting community partners. We give 20% monthly to support those in need, both in our community and world-wide.

We are a family-run small business that started with one pallet, a few tools and an idea. We've grown from one hive our first year to ten in our third; from a workshop of 60 sq. feet to one that is just over 120.  As our business has grown, our mission has stayed the same.